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a cartoon depicting a laundry basket and washing machine with the caption not to wash clothes in laps - and i won't lie to use it as a momer coming back
kk's Tuesday assortment
a cartoon depicting two people sitting on top of a grass covered field with a bubble saying maybe the universe is like one of those snow globes
Free Range by Bill Whitehead for July 23, 2020 |
For July 23, 2020
a cartoon depicting a man at the bar talking to a woman who is eating an apple
the text is written in black and white on a piece of paper that says i was having trouble with my computer at work so i called it support he said, have you tried disabling cookies?
a cat laying on top of a green couch next to a notepad and pen
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a comic strip with two cats on the floor and one cat is talking to each other
Happy Caturday 🤣
Good morning! Have a great weekend! #happycaturday #LiveHappy #dreambig #appriciateyourlovedones #shareyoursmile #gratefulforfriends #mindset #beyourownsunshine #keepyourgoals #enjoyyourcoffee #catlady #trustyourself #goforit
a black and white photo with the words we haven't seen any new bigfoot pictures in a while i hope he's ok
the man who invented spell check died today may he rust in piss