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two pictures of the outside of a house with palm trees in front of it at night
porch, wrapping the tree is a nice touch
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a garden next to a tall stone building
looking for calm
Weite Kiesflächen und einige sehr gediegene grüne Oasen mit Eichenblättriger Hortensie (http://galasearch.de/plants/11598-hydrangea-quercifolia) und Wald-Hortensie (http://galasearch.de/plants/11594-hydrangea-arborescens).
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by grass and trees at dusk with the moon in the sky
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Fantastisch #zwembad in deze #wellness #tuin. Minimalistisch ingerichte tuin welke door de siergrassen zeer goed opgaat in de omgeving.
a woman laying on top of a colorful couch next to pillows and plates filled with food
Realistic living room when you have shedding animals
a stone fountain in the middle of a gravel area with trees and bushes around it
Boulder Fountain page 2 Detail Page
The little bird on the step is waiting for the photographer to leave so it can enjoy the water. :)
a water fountain surrounded by rocks and plants
Ideen mit Wasser | Gartenbrunnen Wasserbecken Gartenambiente
I want one!!!
a small pine tree sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to some stairs
41 Garden Design And Landscaping Solutions
Garden design and landscaping are something you want to look into while designing your new house to make it more welcoming. Design, hacks and more at hackthehut.com
an outdoor patio with seating and flowers in blooming trees around the fire hydrant
vintage and french
lovely, in French ~*~
a garden filled with lots of green plants and flowers next to a stone wall in front of a building
an outdoor fountain surrounded by shrubbery and stone walkways in a garden with gravel pavers
Product Category Garden
Retro Wasserhahn
an outdoor water fountain with pots and watering hoses
Fotogalerie Wasser im Garten
Fotogalerie Wasser im Garten
two cement planters with flowers growing in them
Pflanzgefäße aus Beton selber machen
fertiges Pflanzgefäß aus Beton