Sandwich Sauces

Sandwich Sauces
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two hands holding a white bowl filled with scrambled eggs and garnished with herbs
This is the best classic egg salad recipe that can be eaten plain or turned into an egg sandwich or wrap! It's easy, healthy, and delicious for spring and summer. #SandwichSauces
a fried chicken sandwich with cheese and lettuce
some bread is sitting on top of a cooling rack with the words pugliese bread an italian rustic loaf
how to make your own falafel tortillas
Make Your Own Flavored Tortillas | Recipe | Recipes with flour tortillas, Homemade flour tortillas,
a white plate topped with lettuce and carrots covered in feta cheese
Quinoa lentil salad is an easy, tasty, and protein-rich recipe for a quick lunch, side dish, or healthy dinner. You’ll love the textures and flavors of tender sweet potatoes, earthy lentils, and fulfilling quinoa hugged by a creamy, tangy mustard dressing. This quinoa lentil salad is a nutrition powerhouse that will make you feel great! #SandwichSauces
vegan turkish kebab meat with lettuce, tomatoes and onions in pita bread
This vegan seitan doner kebab is the meatless version of the classic Turkish ones! It is juicy, meaty and packed with tons of flavor. This versatile dish is simple, fuss-free and packed with plant protein! #SandwichSauces