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an image of different types of architectural designs and their corresponding lines are shown in this diagram
P/A Award: Taichung Gateway Park
an aerial view of a river in the middle of a green area with trees and grass
several different types of wood are being displayed
Glowing table - Gaming
Können wir das bitte machen
four different types of wood sculptures on display in three separate sections, each with an individual's face and hands
Pixelated Wood Sculptures Carved by Hsu Tung Han — Colossal
Pixelated Wood Sculptures Carved by Hsu Tung Han
several different colored circles are shown in the dark and on the ground, with one light shining
Hocker aus Holz die von innen heraus leuchten. Einfach super anzusehen ... Bright Woods Collection by Giancarlo Zema for Avanzini Group
an empty kitchen with wood slices on the floor
an abstract sculpture made out of multiple pieces of paper
W:Blut - Inspiration
dianalange: Biomimetic Architecturehttp://www.biomimetic-architecture.com/2010/trabeculae-not-your-regular-office-building/
an artist's rendering of a futuristic building
“COR” building, a new building centered around conservation right in our own backyard.
an architectural diagram showing the different parts of a building
This is Visual Journalism [64] - Visualoop
The Cathedral of Florence, Infographic by Fernando G. Baptista, Matthew Twombly, Elizabeth Snodgrass, Daniela Santamarina | National Geographic
an architectural diagram of the cathedrals and towers in barcelona, with information about each building
10 infografías asombrosas | Page 10 of 10 | Paredro
Antoni Gaudí | Info-graphic | Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
a poster with many different types of jewelry on it's sides and the words design by nature written below
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Even nature has to teach, she is the master and we are his Disciples. Gaudi :design by nature
soccer balls lined up on the grass with names and numbers in each row, including one ball
Official FIFA World Cup match balls since 1970 Design by http://freefacebookcovers.net