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a girl with braids and blue eyes is looking at the camera while wearing a black shirt
vsco filter
there is a collage of photos with the words filter p4 - 6 saturatation 2 temperature 1 tint
♡ - brielleinchanel
there is a collage of pictures with the words temperature and two women in bikinis
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there is a collage of photos with autumn in the background and coffee on the table
➭Instagram: pandicorn_0898
the sun is setting and there are clouds in the sky over water with cars parked on it
vsco filter for any sunset! #vsco #vscocam #vscofilters #aesthetic #tumblr
a woman sitting on the ground next to a building with flowers in front of her
Here's a more grey/blue toned filter. It suits all pics and would make a really good theme -- Get free apps & giftcards, link in bio
a collage of photos with the words filter f2 / 9 exposure 1 saturation - 2
‼️ $25 giftcard giveaway on my feed ‼️ ⠀ // pale filter ⠀ ❁ looks best with: neutral pictures! ⠀ ❁ ps: this filter is free!
a woman standing in front of a white table with food on it and the words filter s3 temperature contrast
a person sitting on the ground with their feet up next to a camera and other items
Type: Free Best for: black and everything Good for theming: yes