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Bruchrechnen | Knacke den Brüche-Code | Division
a poster with different types of lines and shapes
Flächen berechnen
two different types of cards with the words in german and english, one has an image of
a piece of paper with numbers on it and the word'bruche multipliern '
Bruchrechnen: Multiplizieren und Dividieren
a poster with an image of a circle and the words, what do we do?
Der Kreis Spickzettel
Conversiones básicas
a green board with numbers and symbols on it
Blog | Geometrische Körperformen (Tafelmaterial)
the question words in german are shown
It’s time to take your life back from the people...
two legos are shown in the same pattern
a blackboard with three different numbers and the words written in german on it,
Lernzettel & Mehr