Kim Jung gee

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black and white drawing of people surrounded by animals
kim jung gi LMOA
an old book with drawings of people in different poses and body shapes, including a man riding a motorcycle
Doodle art: 50 great examples
If you don't think of doodling as a serious art form, then think again. Here we've picked some great examples to inspire you.
a drawing on a piece of paper that has been altered to look like an image
an ink drawing of some people and animals
a drawing of some people in green ink
a drawing of two women holding hands with a man on the other side and a dog
a blue ink drawing of a woman holding scissors
Kim Junggi, Graphic Poster, Art Inspiration
Kim Jung Gi 2018_138
a black and white drawing of people riding skis on top of each other in the air
Kim Jung Gi 2018_20
an old japanese comic book with some drawings on the page and people in costumes around them