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a sign that is on the side of a wall saying camping fire fishing hole camping zone smores fun leap crossing picnic area
this is an image of a painted wall in the hallway with signs and shovels on it
a cup with marshmallows on the floor next to a pair of tongs
Marshmallow Toss Game | Camping theme preschool, Camping crafts for kids, Camping theme classroom
Marshmallow Toss Game | Camping crafts for kids, Camping theme preschool, Camping theme classroom
a child's playroom with tent, table and chairs
What I'm Loving
an indoor play area with blue chairs and green grass in front of the door, trees on the wall
two pictures showing how to make threading pool noodles from fine motor fun
Pool Noodle Activities Fine Motor Fun
a blue plate topped with a bear shaped cracker on top of a wooden table
Three Easy Bear Themed Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Toddler Approved!: Three Easy Bear Themed Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
a jar filled with sticks next to a red wall
Lots of sensory bag ideas! These are easy to make, mess free, and great fun for babies and toddlers!
This upcylcled and naturally sourced DIY rainstick musical sensory bottle will help children learn self-regulation skills. This rainstick calm down bottle is a musical instrument that is fun to watch and listen to. It makes the sound of pitter-patting rain when tipped from top to bottom. Discovery bottles are also great for no mess safe sensory play for kids. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can safely investigate small objects without the risk of choking. by amparo
a young boy wearing a paper plate bear hat
Three Easy Bear Themed Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Toddler Approved is a kids activities and education blog for parents and teachers of children ages 0-6 that helps foster a love of learning.
several pieces of cardboard sitting next to cotton balls on a wooden table with text overlay
Pretend Play Smores Made From Cardboard
Pretend Play Smores - Easy Busy Bag Idea
a room filled with lots of toys and furniture
The gr.7's at our school left for camp so we made our own dramatic play campsite in Kindergarten this week! Great dramatic play theme for the end of the year!
a bag filled with marshmallows sitting on top of a table
Happy Camper Crunch
Camping theme s'mores treat bag - Would be a fun surprise for the kids one day!
a paper plate with a bear face on it
Bear Theme- Weekly Home Preschool
Bear Theme- Weekly Home Preschool
an image of some paint on a table
A Painted Branch // Collaborative Art with Kids
kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group