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What's the best bottom paint for your boat? Lots of things go into determining that, and what works well for your buddy might not be right for you. Everything you need to know.
A Practical Look at Waxing and Polishing Your Boat - Inside Practical Sailor Blog Article

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a boat battery with the words how to store boat batteries for the winter on it
How To Store Boat Batteries For The Winter! Storing Them Safely!
boats are lined up with the words best tips for boat storage on top of them
Best Tips for Boat Storage
Find out all of the options for properly storing your boat. Our guide provides you a detailed list of ways you can store your boat including small aluminum boats, cabin cruisers, jet skis, and pontoon boats. Click for full article. #boatstorage #howtostoreaboat #boatmaintenance
someone is removing the old boat decals with a pink marker and blue ink on it
How to Remove Your Old Boat Decals
Whether you have a fiberglass boat, aluminum boat, or even a wood boat, click to learn everything you need to know about how to remove boat decals safely and effectively. #boatdecals #removevinyllettering #vinyllettering
a boat with two people in it floating on the water and an arrow pointing towards them
How to Drive a Pontoon Boat (with Pictures)
How to Drive a Pontoon Boat (with Pictures) - wikiHow
the bottom of a boat with plastic covering it and text reading painting aluminum boating boats
Painting Aluminum Boats
Complete DIY guide on how to paint an aluminum boat. Learn the best step-by-step method for aluminum boat paint jobs and aluminum fishing boat paints. #AluminiumBoat #Aluminum #AluminiumPaint #PaintingAluminum
a blue background with the words education know your safe water markers and an orange buoy
Know Your Safe Water Markers
Read more to find out everything that you need to know about safe water markers including what they look like and how they indicate safe water on all sides. #boatinglife #boatinghowto #boatingeducation #boatingsafety #safeboating #boatersexam #boatinglicense #boaterslicense
a book cover with boats on the water and mountains in the background, which reads mountain the cover or the boat?
Best Boat Covers 2020 [Ideal For Winter & Trailering]
Using the appropriate boat covers as protection during outdoor storage, trailering or within the winter environment is highly recommended. #boatingtime #boatingday #boatingsafety #boatingtime
many boats are covered with blue tarps in the water near some docks and buildings
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how to make a trailerable boat cover
How to Make a Trailerable Boat Cover
Sew your own boat cover made for trailering. Learn how to pattern and sew a fitted, custom cover with Sailrite's how-to video.