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a wall hanging with flowers and ribbons on it
Poetry Tea, Boho boutique and gift shop for free spirited souls
a vase filled with paper flowers on top of a wooden table
Pin by Jennifer Johnson on FLOWERS | Handmade flowers fabric, Cloth flowers, Fabric flowers diy
a button is attached to a fabric flower
New Direction...Making Shabby Fabric Flower Brooches!!
several different colored balls and tassels on a white surface with flowers in the background
Handmade Beaded cookie scribe, Handmade beaded cake tester
a close up of a metal hook with glass beads on it's end and an orange bead hanging from the side
cake tester - cookie scribe - periwinkle pansy floral lampglass with antiqued silver accents - food grade stainless steel - w/magnetic hook
Forget using those old wooden toothpicks... This beautiful cake tester/cookie scribe tool which hangs securely on any magnetic surface, will test for doneness of any baked goods that you create! Made of food grade stainless steel and beautiful beading, match your kitchen decor and keep function in this handy piece! Paired with your favorite cookbook or recipe, this piece makes a wonderful gift! This cake tester/cookie scribe tool is designed with a purple periwinkle with orange detail pansy flor
three different colored jeweled dragonfly pins in a glass vase on a gray background
Cake Tester Cookie Scribe Dragonfly Green/brown/blue Glass & Silver Plated Metal Beads Food Grade Stainless Steel W/magnetic Hook - Etsy
Cake Tester Cookie Scribe Silver Plated Dragonfly - Etsy