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two small white bags with wooden utensils in them
an angel made out of candy bar sitting on top of a wooden table
some crafting supplies and scissors on a table with the words behnlche gruse
merci Basteltipps zu Weihnachten
a cake with raspberries on top in a pink box next to some cookies
Himbeer-Spekulatius-Tiramisu - Emma's Lieblingsstücke
two desserts with cherries and nuts in them on a blue tablecloth next to other food items
Ein einfaches Dessert für die Festtage und euer Weihnachtsmenü: Lebkuchen-Mousse mit Glühweinkirschen. Eine weihnachtliche Mousse au chocolat!
two wrapped presents sitting on top of each other
DIY // Geschenkpapier selber machen - Kinderkunst
two coasters with chocolate and candy in the shape of a car on them next to some dried flowers
six bottles with labels on them sitting on a counter
Schokolikör ohne Sahne
a bottle of vanilla krupet licor next to a glass filled with liquid
Vanille-Kipferl Likör
two bottles filled with liquid sitting next to an apple and some other fruit on the table
Glühweinlikör Rezept mit Etiketten zum Ausdrucken - Bäckerina
an apple cider with cinnamon and apples next to it
Apfel Zimt Likör (+ Etiketten zum Ausdrucken) - Bäckerina