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a white plate topped with strawberries and mint
Refreshing Keto Watermelon Fruit Salad
Easy Keto Watermelon fruit salad with lime mint dressing | Whole food recipes, Fruit salad recipes, Cooking recipes
No crunches if you want ABS | Piltes | Pilates workout | Beginner pilates | Piilates challenge
Forget crunches if you want ABS 💪 Do 4 min plank challenge instead 🔥 Pilates workout are actually more effective than doing ab workout every day! Just give it a try 👊 🍑 And join my 2 week pilates "Get Toned" challenge ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ✅ 2 weeks "Get Toned Challenge": https://www.blissedhappiness.com/KeG1099?r_done=1 ✅ 6 STEPS to 6 PACK ABS PRINCIPLES e-book https://www.nycstretching.com/abs?r_done=1 ✅ You can also check out my youtube channe
KNOW THE DIFFERENCE- DUMBBELL SQUAT • The left variant is a squat with focus on the K quadriceps. - Back as straight as possible without falling backwards - knees are moving forward • Die mittlere Variante ist eine Kniebeuge mit Fokus auf den Pomuskel. - lean your upper body forward - the knees must not move forward - imagine you sat on a chair • The right variant is a squat with a focus on the inner thighs. - legs wide boned - Turn your toes outward - looking forward Dm for credit or removal . . . #squatvariations #squats #squat #legday
Low back & pelvic floor release
This is an incredible restorative stretch to do after a long day of all things mothering, baby wearing, nursing, or working at the desk. This stretch helps relieve the lower back and well as relax your pelvic floor if you suffer from a tight pelvic floor. As I’ve shared before the pelvic floor is very much connected to the vagus nerve. If our nervous system is dysregulated, if we are stressed and sleeping poorly this can cause tension in the body as well as our pelvic floor. This relaxing, restorative stretch activates the parasympathetic nervous system, encourages long deep breathing which tells our vagus nerve is safe to relax and in turn our pelvic floor also! It also supports our lymphatic and glymphatic systems, relieves pain and tension in the legs and feet. It’s just a yummy
a woman doing yoga poses with the words, the opposite side of sitting 6 yoga poses to reverse the effects of sitting too much
Yoga for Sitting All Day: 6 Yoga Poses to Counter the Effects of Sitting All Day