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a white vase with flowers on it sitting on top of a table in front of a gray background
The Artist Project: Ann Agee | Perspectives | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ann Agee on the Villeroy Harlequin Family | The Artist Project | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a blue and white necklace with a leaf attached to it's end, on a black background
Grace Stokes (Grace Stokes Designs) Jewelry Artist | Artful Home
Blue+Tiger+Leaf+Pendant by Grace+Stokes: Polymer+Clay+&+Silver+Necklace available at
a red bowl sitting on top of a wooden table next to a glass wall window
Lauren Eastman Fowler — Sherrie Gallerie
Lauren Eastman Fowler — Sherrie Gallerie
Porto, Fuzzy Felt, Sea Crafts, Neon Design, Felt Fabric, Wet Felting
several different types of purses made out of paper mache and colored yarn, with flowers on them
Amazing Felt Creations by Atsuko Sasaki - Gift Ideas - Creative Spotting
Japanese felt artist Atsuko Sasaki is an art teacher and by night a genius felter. Atsuko makes fascinating creations with felt with a level of perfection in the shapes and an impeccable smoothness of her felt. Her rounds are really round, her dots are equidistantly spaced, her lines are fluid and the surface of her
many different types of vases made out of plastic material and decorated with polka dots
Atsuko Sasuki