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a white bird with a hat on it's head and words written in spanish
a stuffed shark with a chef's hat on sitting at a table next to bread and coffee
a planter with a fake shark head sticking out of it's window sill
a small stuffed animal with a pink dress on it's head and the caption reads, buenos dias pendelas de meridas
a woman laying in bed with a dog on her lap and the caption says, enfoces si puedes ver mi mal
a teddy bear with the words que me ves esputido?
there is a black shovel in the middle of some dirt and grass with words palabrota on it
there are two mannequins in the store with dresses on display behind them
a small brown dog laying on top of a bed
a keyboard with the words i'm fine on it and an image of a cat
Fine 🙂
two stuffed animals laying on top of a bed
an image of a painting with words written in english and spanish on the bottom right corner
a white cat sitting on top of a couch