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a barbie doll dressed in a white and yellow gown with flowers on it's skirt
OOAK Barbie NiniMomo's - Miss West Virginia 2001-2002
the doll is wearing a green dress with gold details
Barbie Dolls of the World Dolls & Doll Playsets without Vintage for sale | eBay
Legends of Ireland Aine Irish Barbie Doll | eBay
a barbie doll in a pink dress standing on some stairs
Winter's Romance
a barbie doll wearing a white dress and holding her hand out in front of the camera
BArbie in white
a mannequin wearing a pink and white dress with a large hat on it's head
Rebecca (Regency Era) by Cheryl Crawford.
a barbie doll dressed in gold and green beaded clothing with her hands behind her head
ArtHome: костюмы из бисера - Страница 7
two pictures of a woman in a blue dress with flowers on her head and shoulder
a barbie doll wearing a wedding dress and veil holding a flower bouquet in her hand
a close up of a mannequin wearing a red dress and headpiece with flowers on it
About Versailles American Model: Just gorgeous.
a mannequin head with blonde hair and flowers in her hair
About Marie Antoinette: I just love this doll!
a doll wearing a white dress with feathers on it's arms and neck, standing in front of a gray background
Large and Largess?
Fashion Royalty Dolls | Fashion Dolls!
80388 Barbie Bride Doll
a bride and groom figurines are posed for a wedding photo in front of a white background
Tonner Dolls & Doll Playsets for sale | eBay
Cinderella and her Prince
a doll wearing a wedding dress and veil
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fashion doll bride!
a doll wearing a white dress and veil
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