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four pictures of different black cats with caption that reads let me introduce you to the melanistic kodak or guiia native to central and southern chile, smallest wild cat in the americas, weighing at 5
Tasty Memes and Cute Things for When the Hunger Strikes
a green frog is hanging upside down on a tree branch
Milky Tree Frog, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador by Lucas Bustamante / Naturepl.com
a blue and white sea anemone on the ocean floor
Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brian Mayes (2)
Tiny juvenile Micromelo undata by Brian Mayes
a stuffed toy fish sitting on top of a black plate
3D Fluoro Tropical Fish
tropical fish what an amazing color arrangement, leave it to the creator to be such a great artist.
two different types of bugs on white background
Cocoon and Butterfly information
Rhipicera femoralis More
a squirrel is standing in front of a pumpkin with the words trick or treat on it
Squirrels love pumpkin.
a small rodent sitting on top of a tree branch
Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel is the Ultimate Squee!
Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel is the Ultimate Squee! found on Daily Squee
two chimpan monkeys sitting next to each other on top of green grass and one is hugging the other
Beautiful Photo - BetterPhoto IS Photo Courses, Contests, and Websites
Embrace longing for freedom. Humans have devolved, we kill each other from conception to old age. We assume a superiority we do not possess & destroy that which nature weaved into such diverse, incredible creatures. When the sun sets on the human race the planet will rejoice.
a close up of a small animal with a long nose and large beak on it's head
Duck-billed platypus.
an animal is swimming in the water
The world's only venomous furred animal, the Duck-Billed Platypus...where?? In Australia!
a man holding a plat in his hand next to a body of water and trees
sagelynn's blog
Platypus, a monotreme and with a poison spur on the rear feet.