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a woman's neck with flowers on it
I will customize your chest, sleeve or back tattoo in mandala style
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a black and white photo of a rabbit with flowers on it's arm, in the shape of a triangle
Meluu on Instagram: “Tatu de hoy!!! Gracias linda por elegir un diseñito mio! Mañana hacemos el otro 😍♥♥♥ . . . . . #tattoo #bunnytattoo #cutetattoo…”
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a close up of a drawing of a deer
Lepus Antilocapra Woodburned Jackalope Wall Plaque
Lepus Antilocapra, the mysterious and dangerous warrior rabbit, or Jackalope, has been an icon in Folklore since the 13th-century. The fearsome creature was hunted for its milk, an elixir with magical properties which could bring a fortune to a man with the gall to obtain it. Known for goring men who came near it, the jackalope's only weakness was for good whiskey, which could be used to entice the creature and slow it down with drunkenness. The jackalope had a few tricks of its own though, including the ability to understand and mimic human speech. Often, hunting parties gathered a campfire, singing at night could hear the creature echoing back their songs, mimicking their own voices. Unfortunately, it's rarity is attributed to its restrictive mating ritual. Jackalopes can only produce of
the night sky is filled with stars and clouds