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a small white and brown cow standing on top of a grass covered field next to a flower
a dog wearing a santa hat with christmas lights
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale | Lancaster Puppies
a cow wearing a christmas hat and standing next to another cow
These Mini Highlands Are Ready For Christmas
two baby cows standing next to each other in the grass
a puppy with blue eyes is walking in the grass near a red barn and fence
Country Bumpkin Dog Bandana
"These adorable Wiggle Butt Bandanas are each handcrafted and designed by the makers of Tennessee Hills Australian Shepherds. Our special THAS Bandana design features a slip-sleeve that allows the collar to easily slide through the bandana. Our slip collar bandanas were specifically designed to eliminate choking hazards, material stretching, and painful fur pinching that our pets often experience with traditional tie-on bandana designs. Plus, no ugly knots! At THAS, we believe that your bandana
an adult and baby cow standing next to each other in a field with the sun setting behind them
Texas Longhorn Cattle Cost HOW MUCH? - GVR Longhorns LLC