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an old dresser is painted bright blue and pink
Wooden Bed Chair Design Wooden Bed And Wardrobe Design
Wooden Bed Chair Design Wooden Bed And Wardrobe Design
an old dresser with vases on top of it and other items sitting on top of it
Art Guide: Color Recipe Roundup • The Turquoise Iris
a painted cabinet with flowers and a vase on top
Home - My Simpatico Life
an ornate cabinet with a bird painted on the front and side panels, sitting on a wooden floor
Furniture make over, uniquefurniture
an orange and blue cupboard next to each other
Reclaimed Armoire - Blue Tones, Red Interior
a white cabinet with flowers painted on the doors and drawers is next to a mirror
Something to Talk About Link Party #5
MMSMP Hand Painted Armoire
an old dresser painted red with flowers and birds on it
Red bird armoire red armoire children's furniture
an open red cabinet with folded towels on top and blue wallpaper in the background
an old china cabinet painted in black and white checkerboard pattern with matching doors
Painted armoire ~ $425 by Emily Essman, New Braunfels TX
an old fashioned armoire is painted white and brown with black designs on the doors
Monochromatic Armoire Makeover
When going for a monochromatic look on furniture….stick to colors that are from the same hue. Monochromatic does not mean ONE COLOR….but similar colors from the same tone. This outdated early 1980’s armoire was updated with five shades of brown. - By Tracey's Fancy Armoire Makeover | Armoire | Painted Armoire | Dixie Belle | Furniture Stencil | Drop Cloth | Coffee Bean | Mud Puddle | Chocolate | French Script Stencil | DIY Furniture | Furniture Makeover | DIY Armoire #traceysfancy #armoire
a blue cabinet sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a table and vase
25 BEAUTIFUL BLUE Painted Furniture Ideas - Salvaged Inspirations
blue Armoire - Eight Four Square
a woman is painting a pink armoire with flowers on it
Adding Decor Transfers to Your Painted Furniture