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me being weak for (young) Jensen Ackles

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three young men standing next to each other in front of a wall with speech bubbles above them
sam winchester
a young man is holding a bottle and looking at his cell phone while standing in the back of a pick up truck
Road Trip
three men are standing next to each other and one is pointing at something with his finger
a man holding a sparkler in his hand with the caption hey look dean
two men hugging each other with their arms around one man's shoulders and his head turned to the side
Jared Jensen Misha spn cast wallpaper
a black cat sitting on top of a man's head next to a black cat
Castiel interrogating a cat. Artist: Karina Gelencser, @/rdjpwns (on Tumbrl).
a painting of a man with ear piercings on his ears looking off to the side
a drawing of a man with his head in his hands and the other hand on his shoulder