Amelia's 3rd Birthday

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the disneyland ticket is pink and has castle on it
Ellie’s Disneyland Birthday Party - amanda party + home
Ellie's Disneyland Birthday Party - girl about columbus
a mickey mouse stuffed animal next to a box of popcorn and a bag of candy
Disneyland Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse Cellophane Treat Bags - Etsy
Disneyland Mickey Cellophane Treat Bags - Etsy
a pink and white card with an abstract design on the front, and a geometric pattern on
Vintage Theme Park Birthday Invitation, Retro Theme Park Birthday Invite, Retro Pink Birthday Invitation, Magical Day Awaits Invite, Printed
Start your event with this 5x7 Vintage Disneyland themed birthday invitation. I edit, input your information, and design the invitation for you including event type changes, minor additions or changes, and color changes where possible. Other customizations, such as ones that will change a major part of the design, will incur additional fees. If you have major customization requests, please message me prior to purchase to assure I can complete your request. RATHER EDIT THE DESIGN YOURSELF? Self-e