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several pieces of fruit and nut bar on a cutting board
Raw Apricot + Ginger Energy Bars - SO VEGAN
Three Ingredient Truffles
a piece of cheese being cut with a knife on top of it and the words vegan parmesan written below
Easy vegan cheese with a Parmesan taste.
four pieces of food sitting in a frying pan
Rice Paper Dumplings (The Original Recipe) - Okonomi Kitchen
lunch wrap easy
the best falafel is gluten - free and vegan, so it's easy to make
Most Delicious Falafel Recipe (Fried or Baked) | Downshiftology
there is a plate that has some crackers on it and the words, seriously delicious savory chickpea crepes gluten - free vegan the blend
Savory Indian Chickpea Crepes {Gluten-Free, Vegan} - The Blender Girl
several slices of pizza on a wooden cutting board with pesto and cheese toppings
Authentic Italian Chickpea Flat Bread