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an image of the ocean with many different colors and lines on it, all in black and white
Seven Summits on Behance... - a grouped images picture | Graphic design inspiration, Layout design, Grafik design
Ideia da foto PB com o retângulo colorido
a bicycle parked in front of a white wall with the words the public poster on it
Eivind Molvær (@eivindmolvaer) • Instagram photos and videos
// italic
an image of a magazine cover with different colors and shapes on it's pages
Foreign Policy Design Group: 13 Wives | Design Work Life
an orange and white poster with the words i want to hold your hand on it
type in your quote, pick a template!
the poster for totoro is shown with trees and mountains in the back ground
Fuck Yeah Movie Posters!
My Neighbour Totoro movie poster by Olly Moss
the different font styles used in this book are red, black and white with an orange stripe
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Helvetica Poster by J. Kleyn ∞, via Flickr
nine posters with different types of planets and their names in blue, green, yellow, red
many different types of umbrellas are shown
Modern Minimalist Fairy-Tale Posters
i dont think this has anything to do with logos but this is pretty sweet! minimalist fairy tale posters
the word donee is placed in front of a white wall with shadows on it
Art, Lettering, Type, and Typography image inspiration on Designspiration
DONE / Ion
an image of a circular object in the sky with water and clouds behind it,
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flyer idea
an artistic photo with pink flowers in the foreground and water on the far side
From Flyerfolio, not sure of the artist’s name
a man in a suit and tie standing next to another man wearing a top hat
For some reason i just love this poster, possible because of the bright colors, or maybe because of the light pictures behind
a green mountain with a white arrow on it