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the cover to swords of mars and synthetic men of mars
Burroughs, Edgar Rice - Swords and Synthetic Men of Mars (1970 BCE HB)
the gods of mars by edgar rice burroughs
The Gods of Mars (Barsoom #2)
an old comic strip with some pictures of people in the water and one is holding his hand
14.001.0001 - Tables 1638 - 1698 People, Tarzan, Inspiration, Vintage, Old Comics
14.001.0001 - Tables 1638 - 1698
the cover to lee baird's son of danger
GCD :: Cover :: Four Color #719 - Prince Valiant
Cover for Four Color (Dell, 1942 series) #719 - Prince Valiant [Prince Valiant pin-up back cover]
an old comic book with two men riding on horses and one man standing next to the horse
a painting of people in the woods near a castle
Prince Valiant
an image of a magazine cover with a man kissing a woman
14.001.0012 - Tavole 963 - 1023
an old comic book with some people standing around
an image of a comic book cover with a woman and man in front of them
Prince Valiant and Queen Aleta
an old book is opened to show the title and page for el prianone valente
a drawing of a man dressed as superman in front of two other men wearing capes