brick accent

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there are many different pieces of furniture made out of cement blocks on display at the store
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Overstock Ventilation Block
a red brick building with two windows and a clock
Diaper pattern gives this largely featureless elevation an extra level of detail and proportion
an outdoor area with brick walls and green plants
Breeze Block Petalo
Enhance your spaces with our versatile Breeze Blocks! Ideal for crafting elegant outdoor walls that provide privacy, sun protection, and ventilation. These blocks are not just for exterior use—incorporate them indoors to add style to entryways, divide rooms, or decorate bar areas. 😎 #breezeblocks #design #outdoordesign #homedecor #architecture #trend #love #beautiful #interiordecor #modern #realstate #inspiration #luxuryhomes
a brick wall with a hole in the middle
brick ventilation vernacular