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a wooden table topped with pictures and other items on top of it next to a chair
Howard Slatkin, Part II | New York Social Diary
Howard Slatkin, Part II | New York Social Diary
there are many antique items on the table
there are many figurines and lamps on the table
a table topped with lots of different types of items
Howard Slatkin, Part I | New York Social Diary
Howard Slatkin, Part I | New York Social Diary
an assortment of vases and lamps on display in a store
Sheldon Barr so called 'altar' is filled with a unique collection of 19th century "From the Antique" marbles and bronzes...
an assortment of vases sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
A Look Inside the 2016 Winter Antiques Show
winter antique show 02
a collection of busturines on display in front of a painting and other items
Overlooking the Coliseum in Rome, the atelier of painter, writer, historian & art expert Bruno Caruso ; like the Flavian Amphitheatre ; it is steeped in history, culture and memories. Each room is packed with work of arts, books, sketches and notes. A bit like John Soanes House in London... It breathes art from all sides... check this mantlepiece : an organized cluttered sumary of roman history...
there are many vases on the table and one is pointing at something in front of it
Derbyshire Blue John Classical Obelisks & Vases.
there are many decorative items on the table
an interesting collection of antique boxes
indian japanese syrian and russian silver items
a table topped with vases filled with flowers and candles next to a statue on top of a rug
what kind of guy lives here ?
eclectic interior design ( the more the better ) thats my vibe
four pieces of blue and white jewelry sitting next to each other