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Creative Area Ideas for Early Years
Creative Area Ideas for Early Years
the wall is decorated with paper mache animals and giraffes on them
Pin auf DIY
sunflowers in a vase sitting on top of a table next to some cards
Reggio-inspired art – provocations and play
two children are sitting at a table making colorful paper shapes with crayons and markers
Kandinsky Inspired Circle Art for Kids
a table topped with legos on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
the cover of 50 enfrache kunsteiniken fur kinder
'50 einfache Kunsttechniken für Kinder' - 'Lehrermaterialien' Schulbuch - '978-3-8346-3894-6'
three small paintings hanging on the wall
Grande section
Very effective for children's self portraits
four children's drawings are displayed on the wall
Joie de grandir
four different pictures of pumpkins painted with watercolor on black paper, and the words deep space sparkle
Autumn Collage Art Project | Deep Space Sparkle
Autumn Collage For the Fall
a young boy is working on his art project
four different colored paintings on white paper with blue, yellow and red squares in them
Piet Mondrian