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a white heart with the words love has no genderer on it in front of a rainbow flag
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#SupportGayRights<<<< I don't believe they should be called gay rights. They are human rights and everyone should have them equally
a poster with the words keep calm and love who you want
I dont usually enjoy 'Keep Calm' posters, but with all thats going on in Russia at the moment, I feel this one is appropriate. Gay pride!
the tweet is being displayed on the screen for everyone to know what they are
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someone standing in front of a sign that says love has no gender on the sidewalk
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a group of people holding up signs in the air with words on them that read cuz only very fragliie
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the quote you don't have to be gay to believe in equal rights
equal rights for all
a rainbow flag with the words, this profile supports equal rights on all three sides
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a sign with words written on it that says listen to the wind is rising and the air's wild with leaves we had our summer nights now now for now for october
Fridge Poetry
~And even if it were, hogging all the pie doesn't make anyone any better than anyone else. Just means you're greed will kill you as sure as any uprising.~
a woman with a rainbow painted on her face and the words, is this man or a woman? does it matter? did they serve this country?
an image of a rainbow colored background with the words, eis heistt ehe
Vollkommen korrekt! So eine abwertende Bezeichnung würde mich auch mächtig ärgern! Da hat man die Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung schon inklusive! Gleiches Recht für ALLE!!! Scheiß egal ob hetero-, bi- oder homosexuell!
the bus is decorated with rainbow colors and people are riding in it on the street
Pride, Pulse, LGBT