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a drawing of a map with mountains and trees
Paths Peculiar - Fantasy and science fiction maps for roleplaying games
Fantasy and science fiction maps for roleplaying games - Paths Peculiar
the instructions for how to make an origami model with pictures and text on it
Walter Christaller From “exquisite corpse” to “corpse resuscitated”
Walter Christaller From “exquisite corpse” to “corpse resuscitated”
a cross stitch pattern with the name city village in red, white and blue on it
Essentially, central place theory is a model of city systems that posits them as retail centers (central places) that distribute goods and services to their surrounding hinterlands. Like many models of spatial analysis, it assumes a featureless isotropic plain in which population density and transport costs are equal in all directions. Each good has a threshold, or minimum market size, as well as a range, or maximum distance consumers will travel to purchase it
the central place theory and its key points to city town market town village boundariess
Urban Planning theories and models
Central place theory
a hand drawn diagram showing the different types of game mechanics and how to use them
Gamification 101- Psychology for Motivating Learners - Paradiso eLearning Blog
Gamification of LMS
an image of a poster with numbers, symbols and other things to see on it
Print and Play: Rolling Adventures
Este juego roll & write está inspirado en Rolling Realms (de Jamey Stegmaier) y se combina con un sabor a Clank! (creado por Paul Dennen), lo que lo convierte en toda una aventura.Diseñado por Sinedia.Descarga en:Rolling-Adventures-RHDescarga#rollandwrite #JuegosDeMesa #BoardGames #boardgame #juegosrollandwrite #rollandwritegame #TabletopGames #Brettspiel #JeuxDeSociete #JogoDeTabuleiro #GiocoDaTavolo #JocsDeTaula #BoardGameGeek #bgg #dados #juegosdedados #juegosDeMesaDeDados #b
an old fashioned diagram shows how to use the internet
Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-6 players by demon9t
the mini quest game is shown in black and white, with an image of people on it
The Mini Quest English
three metal coasters sitting on top of a piece of paper next to each other
Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter
Pocket Dungeon (Solo Board Game)
Pocket Dungeon (Solo Board Game)