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an advertisement for the new york city subway
Are You Next / Absolut 1 / Sarah Hanson - Projects - Debut Art - Debut Art
Debut Art
a woman holding a white flag in front of a group of people
株式会社 伝 | イオンモール八幡東 グランドリニューアル
the poster for freshy fest is shown in front of a large group of people
Collab Design
Collab Design on Behance
an advertisement for the british pavilion in red fort, which has been designed to look like it
Red Fort (Delhi)
A design of Red Fort (Delhi) by me using Figma.
an art meets tokyo poster with blue and white letters
ART MEETS TOKYO - デザイン・アートの展覧会 & イベント情報 | JDN
ART MEETS TOKYO | デザイン・アートの展覧会 & イベント情報 | JDN
the words kalenender are made up of photos and letters that spell out their name
2021 Company Calendar
an advertisement for a travel company in the philippines with images of buildings and airplane flying over it
Đón chờ đường bay thẳng đầu tiên giữa Hà Nội và Melbourne (Úc), “chớp” ưu đãi hấp dẫn từ Bamboo Airways!
the word joy is made up of different types of objects and letters that spell out the word joy
Vodafone - You
Print Campaign
the number five is made up of photos and people standing in front of it,
an advertisement for the company's website, with images of people in green and white
1000 days - Megafon
1000 days - Megafon by Andrey Sheff, via Behance
two men standing next to each other in front of a machine