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Food storage including canning, dehydrating, freezing, pickling, fermenting, root cellaring, dry goods storage and organization. Recipes and tips for safe…
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honey fermention is an easy way to use it in cooking and making homemade food
Honey Fermentation: Fermentation for Beginners
Embrace the art of Honey Fermentation with our beginner-friendly guide. Learn to create a variety of healthy and tasty fermented honey products using simple, natural ingredients. This guide is a great starting point for those new to the world of fermentation. Find more long term food storage, herbs for health, and natural herbs medicine at
a bowl filled with green asparagus sitting on top of a table
How to Pickle Asparagus (Probiotic Recipe)
This pickled asparagus recipe is lacto-fermented, like sauerkraut, to give them a probiotic kick. Instead of using white vinegar for the acid, we use lactobacilli bacteria. These good bacteria help to preserve the asparagus and give it that “pickle” flavor. They also act as little probiotic factories, making the food more digestible, and increasing its nutrient value. It's easy to make and keeps in the refrigerator – no canning required.
asparagus in a basket with the title 6 ways to store asparagus
6 Ways to Store Asparagus - Short Term & Long Term
Spring asparagus is a wonderful blessing after a long winter. Those first tender stalks are absolutely delicious raw, straight out of the garden. We share how to store asparagus so it stays fresh in the refrigerator, plus long term storage options. For long term asparagus storage, you can freeze, dehydrate, freeze dry, pickle, or pressure can.
asparagus on a table with text overlay how to freeze asparagus
How to Freeze Asparagus - Step by Step
Freezing asparagus is a quick and easy way to preserve the harvest. We'll show you how to freeze asparagus step by step, from cleaning and trimming to blanching and freezing. We discuss whether or not you can freeze asparagus without blanching, and tips to make your frozen asparagus last longer and taste better.
baby steps to building a food storage system
Food Storage BabySteps - Food Storage Made Easy
Food Storage BabySteps
Canned Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness Food, Home Canning Recipes, Emergency Food Storage, Survival Food Storage, Depression Era Recipes, Pressure Canning Recipes
Building a Great Depression Pantry » Homesteading Where You Are
jars filled with oranges sitting on top of a wooden table next to an orange
How to Can Oranges (Don't Miss This Tip!)
How to can oranges, clementines, or grapefruit. Make homemade mandarin oranges the easy way with this simple tip to remove the chewy membranes. Process in a water bath canner or steam canner.
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the inside of a building with jars and pumpkins
DIY Root Cellars 101 - How to Build and Use a Root Cellar
Learn how to make a root cellar in a basement or outside, with tips for new construction or retrofit. Plus we share storage ideas and a printable storage guide for over 30 fruits and veggies. We'll talk about temperature and ways to save money on your build.
an apple, pear and chips in a bowl on a red towel with the words how to make pear candy
Dehydrating Pears (With Tips for Prep and Storage)
How to Make Pear Candy AKA Dehydrated Pears - Easy recipe for super sweet, sulfite free, dehydrated pears that stay light colored and tasty in storage.
homemade apple chips sitting on top of an oven rack with text overlay that reads easy homemade apple chips
Dehydrating Apples for Easy Homemade Apple Chips
Dehydrating apples is a great way to preserves apples without canning or freezing. Plus, homemade apple chips are a fraction of price of store bought chips. We share tips for selecting the best apples for drying, and different flavors like cranberry apple chips and cinnamon sugar apple chips.
an image of apples with text overlay how to preserve apples 17 easy and creative ways
Preserve Apples for Year Round Use 17 Easy and Creative Ways
The easiest way to preserve apples, best storage apples, and lots of creative ideas to get full use of apple abundance, from apple jam to hard cider
the comparison of metal lids and other reusable lids is shown in this article
Comparison of Metal Lids and Tattler Lids (Reusable Lids)
Do Tattler lids work? We'll compare Jarden metal canning lids and Tattler lids, how to use reusable lids, concerns, and recommendations.
how to freeze corn on the cob or off from someone else's kitchen
How to Freeze Corn (on the Cob or Off) - 3 Options
When you can't get fresh sweet corn, frozen corn is my next choice. We'll share how to freeze corn on the cob or off, or as cream corn.
Preparedness Storage - Finding Room and Keeping it Safe and Sound Emergency Prepardness, Emergency Preparation, Emergency Food, Emergency Prepping, Food Supply, Disaster Preparedness, Survival Food
Preparedness Storage - Finding Room and Keeping it Safe and Sound
Preparedness Storage - Finding Room and Keeping it Safe and Sound