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a park bench sitting next to a tree on top of a cement slab covered ground
slow ottawa on X
Planter / bench along the Promenade Portorose Portorož, Slovenia. Click image for link to full profile and visit the boards >>
a wooden bench sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a planter filled with flowers
Community Development Grants | Foundation Funding | Government Funding
Mobilier urbain - design - banc - bench - vegetal - bois - wood - Tricoire - metal - mobilier - urbain - outdoor - street furniture
a row of red benches sitting on the side of a road next to tall buildings
WMBstudio installs bench micropark on busy london street
wmbstudio bench
a car is parked on the street next to a wooden ramp with plants growing out of it
San Francisco Replaces Street Parking With The Sunset Parklet | Seating | Pinterest | San Francisco, The Sunset and Francisco D'souza
a bench under a tree on a city street
The platform for architecture and design
Urban Parks | Cobblestone pattern & powder-coated bench
an aerial view of a city street with benches and trees
Place d’Youville - CCxA
Place d’Youville #urbandesign #landscape
two people sitting on some benches in the street
people are sitting at benches on the side walk in front of an office building,
parklet padre joão manuel | zoom
Zoom Urbanismo Arquitetura e Design | parklet padre joão manuel
a man sitting on a wooden bench next to a planter filled with trees and plants
parklet vegetation
people sitting on benches with laptops and backpacks
Awesome Modular Public Lounge Takes Over Vancouver's Parking Spaces
Creative - Seating/Benches Vancouver parklet/outdoor reading room--way in which reading room transitions to lobby/lounge?, next door street scape?
a wooden bench with plants growing out of it on the side of a road next to parked cars
Lift – mobiliário urbano ecológico
Lift – mobiliário urbano ecológico - Instituto Ecoação
an outdoor seating area with tables and umbrellas on the side walk next to a city street
1300 Fulton Street Parklet (Hosted by Cafe Abir) | 1300 Fulton Street Parklet (Hosted by Cafe Abir)…
an overhead view of a garden area with wooden benches and potted plants on the ground
Vegalandskaber, instant City life, Vesterbro København
people are sitting on benches in the park
4-burro-lubbers-landscape-architecture-chorstraat « Landscape Architecture Platform
Burro Lubbers-landscape architecture Chorstraat. Love the outdoor seating in this atrium in the Netherlands.