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three different shots of a person sitting on a bench in front of a swimming pool with the caption as if the color blue has bitterness
digital shortbread 2
a woman holding a cell phone up to her face with the caption, soli en en plante sein oddeinn wiese
digital shortbread 3
an abstract painting of mountains and clouds in blue, green, yellow and brown colors
digital shortbread 15
two pictures with people walking in the rain
dgital shortbread 8 "winter was hard"
two pictures one with a leaf and the other with text that reads, all sei es ene gute nachricht
digital shortbread 9
a little boy standing in front of a brick building with a red hood on his head
digital shortbread 6
a man is shown with the words, a commercial brought me here
cornelia kunert paintings
digital shortbread 7
two women standing in the woods with trees behind them
digital shortbread4
an image of a woman with red paint on her face and the words stop down and relax, the angel said that watch what will happen to us now
digital shortbread 5
an orange and white bowl with a green toothbrush in it
cornelia kunert paintings
digital shortbread 11
an image of a woman walking in the snow with a sign that says, a pair of guinea pigs
digital shortbread 11
an image of a woman's face with the words she revealed too late, that she had said the wrong thing
digital shortbread 12