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four images of a man with red hair brushing his teeth
some anime characters hugging each other with the caption that says, you look so perfect
an image of two people kissing in front of some paper cutouts with words on them
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an image of some anime characters in different colors and sizes, with the caption's above them
two anime characters kissing each other in front of a pink wall with hearts drawn on it
two young men sitting next to each other with guitar strings on their shoulders and one holding an electric guitar
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two anime characters one with red hair and the other with black hair looking at each other
two people standing next to each other with backpacks on their backs and one holding the back of another person's shoulder
two anime characters looking at each other in front of a mirror with the words bush and bloom written on it
two young men with red hair are looking at each other and listening to headphones
two young men sitting on the floor playing guitars