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an alphabet with the letters and numbers in different styles, all on one side of it
Font Licensing for Designers: The Essential Guide
Navigating the intricacies of font licensing is a critical task for designers, ensuring that every typeface used in their projects is compliant with legal standards. This guide is tailored to demystify font licensing, covering everything from desktop licenses to custom licenses and how they apply in various formats and platforms like Adobe, Canva, and social media.
an advertisement for the new york art and crafting festival, featuring two different font styles
The 10 Best Fonts to Boost Readability in Web and Print
Understanding and applying the principles of font psychology and legibility can transform a good design into a great one, enhancing user engagement and communication effectiveness. This guide will uncover the top 10 fonts celebrated for their readability, each carefully selected to improve your next design project.
the logo for multiple types of moving and celebration signs on a white wall with black lettering
Unlocking the Power of Typeface Psychology in Design
In the world of creative design, understanding the psychological impact of typefaces is a nuanced art that can profoundly influence how messages are conveyed, and emotions are evoked. The interplay of color psychology and the emotional resonance of fonts play a pivotal role in shaping audience perception, making typeface psychology an essential tool for designers aiming to enhance their work’s mood, atmosphere, and overall impact.
Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market: Zoë Scott
Australian designer Zoë Scott’s The Design Order Store offers chic design templates for the modern entrepreneur 🪄🪩 "Always a creative at heart, I get inspired by all sorts of different things as I journey through life. I have been a designer all my life and have always enjoyed living a creative life." Learn about Zoe's journey using the link in our bio 🔗✨
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Irina Kulkova’s Crocus Paperi is where meticulous graphic design meets charming line illustrations, crafting a perfect blend of Nordic minimalism and elegance 🌲🪵🪻 "You don’t need a degree to validate your talent. Your passion and willingness to learn are the true markers of your potential." Learn more about Irina's journey here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month?utm_medium=ownedsocial#crocuspaperi 🔗
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Marika's bold color palettes and patterns are fueled by the diversity of the world around her 🗺️⚡️ "I find inspiration in everyday things – in nature, urban architecture, and human relationships. Another significant source of inspiration for me is other artists and designers, their techniques, and their approaches to creativity." Read her story here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month#barsrsind 🔗✍🏻
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"Each of my designs is inspired by travel, the wonders of nature, and the art of storytelling. Infused with vibrant hues and a free-spirited bohemian vibe" 🍃🕊️ Explore Maria Galybina's bright patterns and creative point of view here: https://creativemarket.com/maria.galybina 🔗💛
a woman sitting in a chair with the words women - owned shops at creative market
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
This Women’s History Month, Creative Market is shining a spotlight on the extraordinary women behind the designs. From bold display fonts to mesmerizing illustrations, discover the female powerhouses driving creativity across the globe.
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
In Meno Melo Studio’s world, Priyanka Menon’s passion for digital arts and storytelling blend, resulting in designs that are both appealing and deeply personal 🏵️✨ "I’ve noticed a tendency for others to trivialize my role, viewing it as a hobby rather than a career. Rather than attempting to change the entrenched mindsets of others, I chose to focus on affirming the value of my work." Learn more about her story at https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month#menomelostudio 🔗
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
Susan Mar's playful graphics blend whimsy, joy, and sophistication 🌼✨ "As a female creator and Latina, the primary hurdle has been navigating the path to create and embrace my dreams—believing in the possibility of the impossible and not shying away from revealing my true self." Learn more about Susan here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month#asecondofwhimsy
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
In Irina’s world of watercolor and ink, each illustration is a heartfelt exploration of nature, perfect for projects that seek depth and beauty 🌳 🎨 "I grew up in an environment where the idea of ​​a person of art was surrounded by a lot of prejudices about talent. I had to learn to have the freedom and right to be the artist that I can be today." Learn more about Irina's story here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month?utm_medium=ownedsocial#iriillustration 🔗
the instagram icon set for brands and bloggers is displayed on an iphone screen
20 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets for Brands & Bloggers
These Instagram Highlight Icon sets from Creative Market shop owners will ensure that your profile looks cohesive and well-designed anytime someone checks it out. Once you’ve decided which highlight icons work best, go ahead and download our free Instagram grid and moodboarding template to build a cohesive theme.
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
From the serene shores of Falmouth, Maine, Abby Swain infuses every design with a personal touch, specializing in elegant typography and minimalist aesthetics for the discerning creative 🍂🤎 "I’ve observed that women tend to approach collaboration with less ego, leading to truly transformative outcomes. There’s a palpable sense of magic when we come together to work on projects." Learn more about Abby at https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month#abbyswaindesign 🔗✍🏻
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
Best friends Mariela and Keila (The Responsible Creatives) collaborate to create modern graphics “for dreamers, makers, and believers” ✍🏻 💫 “Some of our favorite sources of inspiration are the city, with its endless impulses, spending time with our families, provocative movies like the ones from Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Michel Gondry, Luca Guadagnino, books and magazines.” Learn more about them here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month#responsiblecreatives
Celebrating Women-Owned Shops at Creative Market
British artist and designer Amy Louise Baker brings a touch of Brighton’s eclectic charm to her vibrant illustrations 🖌️🎨 “I’m inspired by patterns found in nature across all scales; from the very tiny, like molecular or cellular structures, to the very big, such as galaxies and everything in between.” Read more about Amy & her shop here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/womens-history-month?utm_medium=ownedsocial#amylouisebaker