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a street light with the words i never cared about the material things someone could give me
530 Motivational & Inspirational Quotes Life Lessons Deep Thoughts
530 Motivational Inspirational Quotes Life Lessons Deep Thoughts 32
a man standing on top of a roof with the words i don't wanna fall away
@MelodyForHope //
a drawing of a man and woman hugging in front of the sun with stars above them
amazing art by @/timedoesntcare on twitter ❤️
a drawing of a man wearing a beanie and holding scissors in his mouth with blood dripping from it
a person swimming in the ocean with an orange sky and clouds behind them, under water
Art & Life
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a desk with some books and pictures on the wall next to a chair in front of it
Personlig mix i ljusa sekelskiftesvåningen
I Helena Blomqvists och Jonas Brandins lägenhet skapas nya världar flera gånger om året. Båda är konstnärer och utnyttjar ateljén i den till max.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a wall mounted clock
Urban Outfitters | Clothing & Apparel | Lifestyle & Homeware
a person jumping in the air at a concert
a drawing of someone's eyes with the words, i haven enough from me
anathema |-/ clique art |-/ twenty one pilots would always make myself suffer instead
a black and white drawing of a snow globe with the words, i think about the end
Twenty One Pilots lyrics ❤ although, I'm not sure if "just" is included in the actual lyrics or not
a drawing of some people with different colored hair
Art Blog
~ Your fav drum playin - hair slayin boi