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two cartoon characters with their mouths open in front of a building and cars behind them
an image of a cartoon character with various stickers on it's face and hands
an info sheet showing how to draw the head and neck in three different ways, including lines
The Ultimate Guide to Drawing the Turned Head | Loomis Method | Step-by-step Tutorial for Beginners — amiko simonetti
a hand holding an open notebook with drawings on it and another drawing in the background
Instagram: di.plodoc
a person holding an open book with drawings on it and pencils in front of them
Instagram: di.plodoc
an open book with some drawings on it
some paintings are on a table with paintbrushes
Paintings from my sketchbook
a drawing book with an image of a woman on the cover and some markers next to it
Made this like a week ago :>
Art by Jess Lome
Art by Jess Lome