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two balls of yarn are laying on the ground next to a crocheted bag
Cozy Cable Knit Hat – Free Pattern
Lovely! ninne.canalblog.c..., #Lovely #ninnecanalblogc, #DiyAbschnitt, Diy Abschnitt,
a multicolored afghan is laying on the floor
Genesis - Tuch
Von den Wassern bis zum Himmel
a blue and white sweater laying on top of a wooden floor
a purple and blue blanket sitting on top of a chair next to a pillow in the shape of a triangle
Papillon completed
a multicolored shawl draped over a mannequin
two women wearing sweaters and pants with colorful designs on them, one in the foreground
Knitting instructions
a woman's green and orange sweater with leaves on the back, draped over her shoulders
a multicolored area rug on the floor
Christel Seyfarth sjal og håndstrikket by me. Arbejdstid ca. 3 måneder. Kostpris garn og arbejde 3.000 kr.
three knitted hats sitting on top of a wooden floor
Great border collie sweater I made from Lopi wool; the border at the top says "come bye" and "away to me".