Haus am Land

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a tree house in the middle of a snowy forest with lights on it's windows
Cabin fever. ❄️ phot
two bunk beds in a room with wooden walls and white sheets on the bedding
Las claves del Diseño Nórdico
Características del Diseño Nórdico
a house covered in snow next to trees
a painting of a cabin in the snow with a deer by it's door
Eνєɾ-ᎶᏒᎬᎬռ ᗯιɲṭєŗ ***
the house is surrounded by trees and snow
an image of a house that is in the grass
An old barn revamped. Beautiful!
a small wooden house in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and trees
Cold morning...
a small wooden house sitting on top of a grass covered hill next to a forest
a wooden deck in front of a house surrounded by trees
Living Pots Sustainable Cultivation Units for Organic Farming - Tuvie Design
i love how they just built the house around the trees. so cool!
a small house in the middle of a forest
Source: urbnite
a modern house with glass walls on the outside and wood flooring in the inside
a living room filled with furniture and windows next to a firewood burning place in the fireplace
Cabin vacation house by Stromma Project | Plastolux
Max Holst: Vindö - Thisispaper Magazine
a white bunk bed sitting under a window next to a pillow on top of a blanket
Tiny living – ombiaiinterijeri
Tiny living | ombiaiinterijeri
a window seat sitting in front of a large window with plants on the windowsill
. / Sebastian Mariscal