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an empty road surrounded by trees in the middle of a field with grass on both sides
Armidale Driveway (Fuji GX617)
Armidale Driveway (Fuji GX617) by Bernie Zajac /, via Flickr
a man walking down train tracks in the middle of some trees and bushes, with an instagram message below
the boat is tied up and ready to be used as a postcard for someone's facebook page
a lush green hillside covered in fog and low lying clouds next to a wire fence
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The Promised Land, Bellingen, NSW.
the shadow of a person standing on top of a white sand dune
Hat Head by Bryan Larson / 500px
Hat Head National Park, Australia - Bryan Larson
an aerial view of a village in the middle of a lush green field at sunset
David Osborn Pics Taken With Seitz 6x17 Digital camera - Naunton #CoolPile #Gadgets #Gear #Geek #Tech via Art, Cameras, Photo, Rechargeable, Swiss