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three birthday cards with paper cones and numbers on them, one is for a boy
Neue Einschulungskarten
a card with the words abc and french fries on it
Einschulung – Kleinerhase-Stempelnase
two colored pencils are sitting next to each other
Stift-Box zur Einschulung mit Video-Tutorial
the german language poster shows different animals and their names in various languages, including one for each
neue bilder
the words in different languages are written on a white background with black and purple accents
Don Cameo - Folge 10 - KiGa Tasche
a white board with handprints and candy on it
Happy and Family - Happy and Family
a poster with the words spruche zur enschuhung
Sprüche und Gedichte zum Schulanfang
Árvore feita de garrafa pet e rolo de papel higiênico? ♻😍
a teddy bear holding balloons in the air
Cet article n'est pas disponible | Etsy
a black teddy bear holding a white sign
Présence des oursons - Zeltausrüstung
the teddy bear is labeled in spanish and has numbers to match it up with other words
urso molde......
a brown teddy bear sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
a drawing of a teddy bear holding a balloon