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an image of a coloring page with mountains and scissors
Schneiden lernen und Ausmalen üben - fit für die Schule
Ausschneiden lernen mit Zickzacklinien für Kleinkinder
Kids, First Grade, Toddler
Käfer und Schmetterlinge entdecken: 3 Spiele für Kleinkinder (mit Druckvorlagen)
paper cut out with eyes and mouths on top of a wooden table in front of a piece of paper
montessori material selber machen kindergarten
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there are many different color samples arranged in a circle on top of a wooden table
Ideen für Kleinkinder nach Montessori und mehr
the process is being made and it looks like they are making something out of wood
HANDMADE Kultur - DIY Ideen, Selbermachen, Handarbeiten und Heimwerken
Stiftehalter aus Holz
a room filled with toys and farm animals
Kreativa barn
Small world play Farmcorner from www.kreativabarn.blogspot.com
a young child sitting on the floor holding up a cardboard box with colored strips in it
Actividades psicomotoras para los niños..
a jar filled with colorful streamers on top of a wooden table next to a toothbrush
Дитячі садки та центри раннього розвитку Києва та України: відгуки батьків, адреси садків, телефони завідувачів
Цветные ленточки. Развивающая игрушка своими руками
there are two blue toy ramps on the floor in front of a couch and table
Day 1- Project Pinterest 2012
Marble Race Track What a fun and cool craft for a hot summer afternoon!
there is a large rug made out of different items
Sensory walk way with giant foam puzzle pieces and diff textures. Put non slip rug mats under each one to prevent slipping around
there are many different jars on the table
Match the lids to the bottles
there are several trays with different foods in them on the counter next to each other
voelmuur met deksels van vochtige doekjes
a child is playing with wine corks in a water bowl on the tile floor
Über den Alltag mit Kindern. Ideen und Selbstgemachtes, Montessori-inspriert. Bedürfnisorientiert, achtsam und wertschätzend im Umgang miteinander.