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there is a blue cake decorated with animals and sea creatures on the top, along with other decorations
a baby shower cake with two teddy bears on top and blue ribbon around the edges
Torta Battesimo (6)
two tiered cake with pink and white flowers on the top, sitting in a box
Home - Genuss-Momente
a white cake with purple frosting and an owl sitting on it's top
Eulen-Tauftorte mit Erdbeer-Mascarpone-Füllung / locker & leicht – Sabsi's Kreative Welt
a blue and white cake with stars on it
a three tiered cake decorated with butterflies and pink icing on a black background
a pink teddy bear cake sitting on top of a white plate with letters and numbers
Mon Petit Ourson
a three tiered cake with pink and white icing that says sophania
Isabelle's christening cake
a three tiered cake decorated with teddy bears and pink bows on top is for a baby's first birthday
a pink and white cake with shoes on top
a white cake with pink, blue and purple decorations on the top that says laura
Tauftorte Mädchen mit Blumen
a cake decorated with pink and white baby's clothes on top of a wooden table