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Mini-Lapbook Buchstabe A/a
an image of a colorful wheel with the words wutrad written in different languages
two children are sitting on the ground in front of a blue background with words that say,
50 Dinge, die Sie sagen können, um ein Kind zu ermutigen
a weather chart with different types of clouds and the words, we istt das wetter?
Wie ist das Wetter?
the german language poster shows different types of children's activities and their names in various languages
Zaubereinmaleins - DesignBlog
four different pictures of an animal with words on them
Egons Klassenraum
the number two is next to an image of a cartoon character on a blue background
Ziffernrutschen - Frau Locke
the paper plate rainbow craft is hanging on a white wooden wall with text overlay
DIY: Pappteller-Regenbogen basteln - Lavendelblog
a greeting card with an image of two stuffed animals and a chalkboard that says, i am schlengen
Schulanfang - Sprüche, Zitate und Gedichte - Hanra Grußkartenblog
a rock with a ladybug on it sitting next to a yellow sheet of paper
the german language poster for children's birthdays with pictures and words on it
unterrichtsmaterial-kostenlos - Zaubereinmaleins - DesignBlog
a poem written in german with flowers and butterflies