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there is a small toy house on the wooden floor with a life preserver next to it
a green book shelf filled with lots of books
a hand holding a painted rock with a house on it in front of some trees
100+ Best Painted Rocks ( 2024 Photos ) | Decor Home Ideas
100+ Best Painted Rocks ( 2022 Photos ) | Decor Home Ideas
a cross stitch pattern for a pillow with the words'town'on it and an image
���� #45 - CrossStitcher 340 - tymannost / Фото #45 - CrossStitcher 340 - tymannost
a cross stitch pattern with the image of a building
Cross stitch
a basket filled with cookies next to a teapot and cup on top of a table
three decorative pillows made to look like they are hanging from clothes pins and ribbons with hearts on them
four small christmas ornaments are sitting on a table together, one is red and the other has white checkered fabric
small houses are painted with different colors and designs