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Chickpea Spinach Curry
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Healthy, Simple, Fiber Full Ground Turkey Rice Bowl (coconut aminos)
Coconut aminos are so easy to add to dishes and I love using them instead of soy sauce! I did jasmine rice in the instant pot (3 min high pressure cook, 10 min rest done!). Ground turkey cooked in pan and add a little coconut aminos at the end. Frozen peas (I microwave mine from first before adding, heat them up however is easiest). Steamed broccoli (I boil mine in a pot with water). Combine everything in a bowl and drizzle some more coconut aminos on top :) Makes the easiest leftovers too with lots of protein (from both the peas and ground turkey) and fiber! Men need 35g fiber daily, women need 28g for not just digestive health but also heart health! High fiber diet helps keep your arteries and blood flow healthy!