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a small gray stuffed animal in someone's hand
some white feathers are on a wooden table
Felt Projects
a hand holding a tiny mouse with a blue umbrella on it's back,
I cannot BELIEVE how insanely cute this is!!!
dreamies.de (5ftgjcptf2j.gif)
dreamies.de (5ftgjcptf2j.gif)
a mouse is sitting on top of a pot
mouseshouses: Traveling mouse, on her way to New York City!
a stuffed rabbit with a scarf around its neck next to a green christmas tree ornament
Deaprojekt Die Welt der Puppen
(7) Katya Kozunenko
a small toy mouse wearing a pink sweater and hat
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TravelerMäuschen filzen Dreams bereit Schiff von feltingdreams
a toy rat holding a stuffed mouse on top of a blue wooden table with peeling paint
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