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a metal table sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a parking meter and grass
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a machine that has some kind of tool on it's side, with holes in the middle
DCT 3D Welding Table|Modular Welding Table for sale-DCT 3D Welding Table
Welding Tables. Economical, Flexible, Patented, Proven! Increased Throughput; Improved Quality; Cost Saving; Increased Accuracy; Increased Repeatability; Enhanced Safety; Innovative 3D tables and clamping system. Learn more at
the workbench is full of tools and other things to do with it in this garage
#Repost @therealxm ・・・ FINALLY getting around to assembling my weld table from Dave at Tab-N-Slot.. This thing is BITCHIN!!! Thanks Dave!!#grateful #Goweldsomething #certiflat #certiflatfamily #weldtables #fixturetable #fabblock #welding #metalfab
an assortment of metal parts sitting on top of a floor next to pallets with holes in them
3D Precision Welding Tables | SANWZB - Welding Tables-Dongguan Sanwei Flexible Auto-Equipment Co., Ltd
a cart made out of wheels on the floor
Receive excellent suggestions on "metal art diy". They are actually available for you on our website. #metalartdiy
pair of heavy duty casteors with black rubber wheels
Miller Caster Set for S-series and SX-series ArcStation (300849)
a close up of a metal object on a pink and black cloth with a person's feet in the background
@drew.butcher was kind enough to send me in another angle if his tig welding on some polished stainless. My OCD is extremely satisfied looking at this