Where to Find Sea Glass in Australia - List of beach glass reports from Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Norfolk Island, Tasmania
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a stack of jelly beans sitting on top of a wooden table under a blue sky
Good Enough to Eat! - June 2014 Sea Glass Photo Contest
Good Enough to Eat! ~ sea glass photo contest, submitted by Jane Brannan in Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland. I have only recently discovered...
the words massachusettsets sea glass beaches on a wooden table with rocks and other items
East Coast Sea Glass
If you're in or near Massachusetts, this list of beaches and info will help you out...
a close up of rocks and gravel with a blue glass object in the foreground
2016 Jun 3rd - Huanchaco Peru Sea Glass Catch
Found on Huanchaco Beach July 2016
several pieces of glass sitting on top of a white towel holder in the shape of a flower
Mexican Treasures - October 2013 Sea Glass Photo Contest
Mexican Treasures! ~ submitted by Sandy in Salida, Colorado Where was this photo taken? Mazatlan, Mexico Date, time of day, and weather conditions? (Not included)
a close up of a person's hand holding an object in front of the camera
2014, July 27th - Moran Beach Pink Sea Glass +
Tracy's Pink Marble - Sea Glass Catch: ~ sea glass catch of the day submitted by Carla on Whidbey Island, WA Jul 27th, 5:16pm Here's a couple photos for the catch of the day. The first photo
some colorful rocks and sand with the words somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true
Mixed Jewelry Sea Glass
"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true..."
a beach covered in lots of different colored glass pebbles
Treasure Cove - September 2014 Sea Glass Photo Contest
Treasure Cove: ~ sea glass contest photo was submitted by Lisa D Waler, Fort Bragg, CA Where was this photo taken? Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA Date, time of day,
a video screen with the words i love sea glass videos
Sea Glass Videos
I love sea glass videos! Following along with a person hunting the beach for sea glass... it makes me feel as if Im right there. Its the next best thing to being on the beach myself, especially if the video is taken in nice, sunny weather!
the best california beaches for sea glass
California - Best Beaches for Sea Glass
California - Best Beaches for Sea Glass
the words west jamaica's class beach just fabulous are in front of rocks and pebbles
Jamaica Sea Glass Beach
Jamaica Sea Glass Beach
the words west coast sea glass beach reports
West Coast Sea Glass
West Coast Sea Glass USA - click through to see beach reports on the Pacific Coast of the USA
the words caribbean sea glass beach reports on a white plate next to a quarter penny
Caribbean & Bermuda - Sea Glass Beach Reports
Finding Sea Glass in the Caribbean and Bermuda - Exciting! Are you headed for the Caribbean? Or are you one of the fortunate ones who lives on one of these tropical isles? If you will be spending some time on any
there is a glass beach with the words where is glass beach? written on it
Glass Beach - Where is It?
Glass Beach - Where is It?
a wooden table topped with lots of different colored stones
25/10/2016 - Torre Faro Messina - dance of sea glass
Torre Faro Messina - Sicilia, Italy: ~ sea glass photos submitted by Francesca...
a hand is holding two blue glass plugs in it's left palm area
Old Cristallo - Italy
Old cristallo glass: ~ sea glass contest photo was submitted by Manuela Vetro , Italia (Italy) Vote for your favorite sea glass photo for November 2014