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three tips to stop procrastinating as an eco - conscious person info graphic
3 Tips to Stop Procrastinating as PhD Researcher
the top 5 podcast episodes
Top 5 The PhD Life Raft Podcast Episodes
a whiteboard with some writing on it and various things to write in the background
go study now
a poster with instructions on how to take lecture notes
A Study Motivation Blog! — letsget-downtobusiness: How To Take Lecture...
Aesthetic Desktop Wallpaper Tutorial
the color guide for an interior decorating project, with flowers and leaves on it
Productivity guide: Color coding guide for student notes!
a clipboard with a list on it and a pen next to it that says every day, in every way, is going better and better
How to Create a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet
an image of a calendar that is in the process of being organized with notes and reminders
Start the Semester off Right: Make a Weekly Template